Treat yourself to a wellness break

You don’t need to be a curist at the thermal baths of Allevard-les-Bains to treat yourself to a wellness break. Taking care of yourself, stopping a frantic pace for a few hours, just time to relax, release tension and enjoy … Just enjoy. The new thermal spa in Allevard-Les-Bains is the perfect place to treat yourself to a wellness break.

A new Thermal Spa

The wellness area of the Allevard-les-Bains thermal baths has offered itself a rejuvenation cure to better meet your expectations and become a true thermal spa. First of all, the space has been doubled to 360 m², with new facilities including a Hammam, sauna, Jacuzzi, a herbal tea room for moments of relaxation and new services.

Wellness treatments

In addition to the facilities, it is possible to treat yourself to a wellness break with the all-inclusive packages and personalised treatments. For example, à la carte modelling provides real moments of escape in a setting that promotes relaxation.

There is nothing wrong with taking a break from the stress and choosing from a wide range of body treatments, massages, facials and packages.

A perfect complement to a cure

Although the new thermal spa in Allevard-les-Bains is of course open to everyone, those taking the waters will appreciate its benefits all the more. It is a marvellous complement to a thermal cure in Allevard-les-Bains.

The benefits of the hammam, the sauna and the jacuzzi, each with their specific actions on tension, stress and pain, will complete the treatments given during the cure.

To take full advantage of your relaxation area and to treat yourself to a wellness break whenever you feel the need, go for the 10 Spa entrances booklet, make the most of the special offers of the new thermal spa or get a gift voucher.

Spa treatments

Why not try the benefits of thermal water? You can’t follow a conventional cure? Make the most of the spa treatments and treat yourself to a wellness break.

  • Cure vitalité 2 jours : pour vous remettre rapidement en forme. 4 soins, 1 séance coaching et 1 séance nutrition, 1 cours collectif, un accès au nouveau Spa thermal.
  • 5-day anti-stress cure: to recharge your batteries in a soothing setting. 5 balneotherapy sessions, 5 massages, 5 wraps and free access to the Spa.

Open to all these Spa cures are a good way to enjoy the virtues of the thermal water of Allevard-les-Bains.

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