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Orientation route

Walking shoes or a bicycle, a map, a compass, a limited time to find signposts . Get off the beaten track for an outdoor activity to share with friends or family. Recognising clues, finding your way and above all having a great time on an orientation route.

A cultural orientation trail

Discover the historical and cultural heritage of Allevard-les-Bains with the orientation trail for adults and that for children. Look for signposts while answering questions for the children to turn this into an educational moment. Look for signposts  with cultural information for adults. Share a sporting, fun and cultural time with the family. Walk through the heart of Allevard-les-Bains together in search of clues and signposts . Learn without looking like it and learn how to find your way around on an IGN map.

A sports orientation route

Create a rather sporty orienteering course around the Lac de la Mirande to make the most of the tranquillity and the pure air of the place. Go around the lake while looking for the signposts . Oxygenate yourself, move around and spend time together. Enjoy a picnic in a shaded area and relax. Simply enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake. Try to reach the signposts  as quickly as possible within the time limit. Do not lose your sense of direction and follow the instructions.

An orientation route in the mountains

Choose a spot in the middle of nature to do your orienteering course. Opt for an easy route or an average route depending on your mood. Take the paths, enter the forest or simply walk along it. Look for signposts  just for fun or for a sporting performance. Do an activity in the great outdoors, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors. Climb the slopes, avoid ditches and ravines. Don’t forget to admire the landscape and continue on your way to the next hill or, on the contrary, go downhill. Test your sense of direction, clear your head and why not do it all over again.