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EventAllevard en Musique Festival!June 21 to 23, 2024

Allevard en Musique Festival!

If you were wondering where to spend your “fête de la musique”, look no further than Allevard-les-Bains. Allevard-les-Bains is coming to life to offer you a music festival like no other. The festival will last for three days of concerts of all kinds, during which music lovers will be able to stroll and enjoy the festival.

Allevard en Musique

The 2024 program

For 3 days, Allevard-les-Bains will vibrate to the rhythm of musical notes and let you enjoy the festive atmosphere of early summer! Ginie Line, Mister Mat and Ilo, all 3 of whom you’ve probably seen on the TV show “The Voice”, will be part of this 2024 edition. But that’s not all! Folk, rock, French and Irish songs – there’s something for everyone!

Allevard en Musique Festival

Friday, June 21st

Place de la Résistance

To open the musical festivities on the official day of the “Fête de la Musique”, Allevard en Musique will take over the Place de la Résistance. Located in the very heart of Allevard-les-Bains, this square is the usual place for entertainments. The stage, set against a magical backdrop at the foot of the majestic church and surrounded by old buildings, will add a touch of enchantment to the frenzied sounds that will punctuate your evening. The icing on the cake is that you can enjoy the concerts while sipping a cool drink on the terraces of the nearby bars and restaurants, allowing you to enjoy this musical page-turner in comfort and conviviality. Or more simply, why not let yourself be carried away by a dance right in front of the stage?

7:00 pm - Mix Macs

The group Mix Macs will have the honor of kicking off the program for this 2024 edition. Mix Macs is a group of 3 musicians from Grenoble who play a wide range of cover versions, and whose main aim is to offer music that appeals to as many people as possible. All their covers are re-orchestrated with the group’s unique sonic touch. Whatever the style – jazz, 60’s rock, 70’s funk, 80’s reggae, 90’s pop-rock, contemporary RnB – the Mix Macs touch promises a festive, warm and unifying energy.

8:30 pm - L'Harmonie d'Allevard

As an essential part of Allevard life, the Harmonie brings together some fifty amateur musicians, most of them graduates of the town’s municipal music school. Its rich and varied repertoire, featuring well-known tunes, will transport you to the heart of the melodies. The symbiosis of these passionate musicians, always impressive, will transport you joyfully from music to music.

9:45 Mix macs

To round off this successful evening, you’ll be able to catch the Mix Macs band in an even more festive repertoire. After all, it’s time to get down on the dancefloor, laugh and share this convivial moment with family and friends. The fête de la musique in Allevard-les-Bains is a time for concerts of all kinds, but also an opportunity to share unforgettable moments with your loved ones! So have fun celebrating musical culture!

Allevard en Musique Festival

Saturday, June 22nd

at Lac de la Mirande

The shady, green banks of Lac de la Mirande will be alive with musical groups. Usually the ideal place to relax in the sun or in the shade of a Japanese cherry tree. Stroll along the small path that encircles it, taking advantage of the stroll to discover orienteering for the whole family. You can also put down your deckchair or plaid for a picnic by the water or a dip in the pool. This year, the sounds of birdsong and lapping lake water will give way to the sounds of instruments, but the setting won’t lose any of its charm – quite the contrary! You’ll be able to dance, sing and enjoy a moment of festivity and conviviality by the lake, with the certainty of not disturbing the neighbors. Pop Rock, Ryhtm & Blues or classical, 4 parties are scheduled throughout the day, punctuated by fireworks.

You’ve undoubtedly heard of her: at the age of 12, Ilo launched her music channel on YouTube, and barely two years later she was singing on TF1’s “The Voice Kids”, in front of over 4 million viewers. To keep up the momentum, at the age of 15 she opened for Soprano at the Printemps de Pérouges festival with the Kids tonic Live team, and opened for Dadju and Vegdream accompanied by Yannick, her pianist. She was also 1st part of Ina Forsman’s Off’s 2019 in Puygrion, Drôme. But on this June 22, Ilo will be in Allevard-Bains, where you can hear her from 5pm. This is an exceptional opportunity not to be missed!

7:00 pm - Mister mat

He gave over 1000 concerts around the world as guitarist-singer with the group Mountain Men, and sang every Saturday night for months in front of millions of TV viewers during “The Voice” adventure, of which he was a finalist. Mister Mat will be in Allevard-les-Bains at 7pm on June 22nd, in the unique setting of Lac de la Mirande. Accompanied by his old Gibson guitars, he’ll tell you all about his life as a man, a craftsman of song, the lights and the shadows, the joys and the sorrows. Lively anecdotes from a life on the road, told live in Allevard.

8:45 pm - Ginie Line

Ginie Line is honored to join us in Allevard-les-Bains for the Festival Allevard en Musique from 8:45pm. Ginie Line, who starred with Daniel Lévi in the musical “Les dix commandements”, enjoyed international success in her role as Nefertari. She continued to perform throughout France. In 2014, TF1 viewers rediscovered her on The Voice, where she was selected for Jenifer’s team.

Today, the singer who continues to make a living from her passion is among the many artists performing on the “Musicals” tour, launched to delight the most nostalgic of fans. Alongside her are a number of stars from the 2000s, including Damien Sargue and Cécilia Cara, the stars of Roméo et Juliette. Other stars include Hélène Ségara, Priscilla Betti, Gwendal Marimoutou and Merwan Rim.

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10:45 pm - Fireworks

& dancefloor with DJ

What better way to round off the evening than with a magnificent fireworks display, followed by a disco funk after-party with DJ Lolo? Enjoy a breathtaking fireworks display reflected in the lake, and dance the night away.

Allevard en Musique Festival

Friday, June 23

at the Thermal Park

It’s in another enchanting location that you’ll find the musicians: the thermal park. Located just a few minutes from the center of Allevard-les-Bains, this park protected by the thermal baths, the former Hôtel du Parc, the majestic Splendid building and the “La Galerie” museum (Allevard’s former casino) seems far removed from city life. In this bucolic setting that seems to defy time, the musicians will be installed under the bandstand, promising an unforgettable evening in terms of both content and décor.

3:00 pm - Dixit

A clever mix of hit, nostalgia, chic and groovy arrangements, leaving no one indifferent. Their universe revisits the irresistible rhythms of Michael Jackson, the warmth of Amy Winehouse and the freshness of Ed Sheeran. This talented trio, each of whom has evolved through a variety of musical styles, come together as one to offer a rich and varied repertoire. In addition to the precision of their double bass, guitar and vocals, they add their own unique blend of influences to each of their performances: polymorphous and demanding. Dixit will be with us in the Parc de Thermes from 3pm on June 23.

5:00 pm - Glenaan

In the warmth of pubs, a voice, a guitar and an armada of instruments from head to toe, Glenaan invites you to rediscover rock & folk classics, reinvented and drowned in the docks of Celtic culture!

7:00 pm- Ramdam

RAMDAM is equally at home with swaying Iberian rhythms and convulsive Slavic rhythms, not forgetting world and street music in a joyous, funky romp! A whimsical trio from the new scene, these three musical jacks-of-all-trades take us into their universe with explosive compositions and a delightful freedom of tone and improvisation. Whether on stage or on vacation, these three boys enjoy themselves, and it shows! Come and enjoy this page of fun with them!

9:00pm - Smokin' Birds

Let yourself be carried away by their acoustic formula, and rediscover a whole host of songs you’ve all heard in your head, revisited with brio and energy that will surprise many a listener! From Michael Jackson to Radiohead, via Sting, Queen, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Alanis Morissette, The Doors, Stevie Wonder, Nirvana, Aerosmith… Succumb to these birds, talented musicians, just waiting to take flight with you! Sometimes these encounters happen completely by chance… and then, a feeling, a phone call, a misty winter morning, the first notes are heard…

And to top it all off, the Cocktail de Zic fanfare. Take a dose of trumpet, a bit of trombone, a lick of sax, mix with a chouilla of helicon, sprinkle with guitar then shake it all heartily with percussion, and you’ve got a delicious street band!

Fête de la musique at Allevard-les-Bains

From June 21 to 23, Allevard-les-Bains is the place to be for the ultimate music festival, offering 3 days of concerts and festivities for music lovers in a friendly atmosphere and an absolutely magnificent, unspoilt setting. Mark your calendars now for this not-to-be-missed event! To give you an idea of what’s in store, take a look at the images from the 2023 edition and download the program below.

Festival Allevard en Musique 2023
Festival Allevard en Musique 2023
Festival Allevard en Musique 2023