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Entertainment at the Casino

With its new ceremonial dress, following its last renovation in 2013, this former 19th century bourgeois house has been rebuilt as a casino. Of course, you will be seduced by the dazzling atmosphere created by the noise and lights of the slot machines, and the excitement around the gaming tables.


The games

It is precisely this diversity of games that seduces and entertains you at the casino of Allevard-les-Bains. In this atmosphere with dimmed lights, traditional slot machines rub shoulders with those that work with more modern technology. It’s difficult to choose between the reels that we’ve always known, the latest generation video reels or even video poker. Some people say that to win, you have to stay at the same machine all the time. Do you have pockets full of chips? Then make yourself comfortable and start up the reels.

Further away, another atmosphere takes over the room. Do you dare challenging the bank? Here, the stakes are different. Many people have their eyes glued to the dealer’s hands as he skilfully cuts the draw. In this part of the facility, blackjack is played.

Place your bets, further still, you can play roulette. You hesitate to place the chips, the black 17 or the red 7? Is the ball going to stop at the right place?

The casino bar

To recover from your emotions, nothing beats the quiet atmosphere of the casino bar. Far from the noise of the games you come here to sip a good cocktail. If the weather permits, enjoying your drink on the terrace is also part of this good entertainment moment.

Quietly installed, coming to the casino of Allevard-les-Bains can be limited to sipping a glass of champagne, an aperitif or of course a soft drink. The atmosphere of the game is nevertheless palpable.

The casino restaurant

To fully enjoy your evening, it is good to let yourself be tempted by the menu of the casino restaurant. With each new season, the chef is inspired to help you taste new flavours and amaze your taste buds. From Wednesday to Sunday, there is animation in the kitchen. In summer, you can enjoy the beautiful terrace which opens on a green setting. The rest of the time, it is most pleasant to lounge on the sofas of the room with modern decoration.