Musée La Combe de Lancey

La Combe de Lancey Museum

in La Combe-de-Lancey
  • Since 1988, you can find the museum in the annexes of the castle. It presents a large collection of objects and tools that were used in the old times and therefore represent the life of the people that lived in the Balcon de Belledonne.

  • More than 1300 objects represent 5 themes: former activities such as glove making, clog making, smith working... It also shows how the houses were furnished, what life was like for an farmer in mountain areas.
    Come and discover the rich and fascinating History in a guided tour of the Museum.
  • You can buy an 18€ membership card which will give you unlimited access to both Grésivaudan museums for one year. (Musée Forges et Moulin & La Combe de Lancey)
  • Spoken languages
    • Italian
    • English
    • French
  • Groups (Max capacity)
    • 25  Maximum number of people
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    No credit card payments possible. Checks or cash only.