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La Tour d'Avalon

in Saint-Maximin
  • Thirty-three meters high, eight meters diameter, walls two meters thick at the second floor, the Tour d’Avallon is the witness of the history of an old family of lords – the Wallons de Romestang d’Avalon
    (Avallon was then spelled with only one L) - present in the Grésivaudan since year 1000. We can still see in the old restored building, some part of the 14th century walls, remains of the old
    tower “delphinale” built at the time when the castle became a fortification with its surrounding walls. In the 12th century, Guillaume 3 de Romestang (Lord of Avalon) and his wife Anna of Theys were living in an old fortified house situated north of the actual tower, their house had its own tower as well. The Romestang family was called in 1132 “the poype family”. The word “Poype” at the time
    meant tower. Owning a tower was above all a sign of power.

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