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Starting out on orienteering routes

This morning you want to start a new activity that will allow children to test their sense of orientation. Once the shoes are on, the compass, a map and a picnic in the backpack, you are ready to embark on an orienteering route.

An outdoor activity

Starting out on an orienteering route in Allevard-les-Bains presents no difficulty. Armed with your map and compass, you will be ready to spend a convivial moment with family or friends. First of all, you must follow the route indicated on your map. Keep your eyes open, the signposts are not far away. Simply find your bearings in the natural elements indicated on the map. Each new signpost you reach is a source of satisfaction. You can also punch the card that certifies that you have passed a signpost. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the stopwatch, this also counts in the attribution of points.

Starting out on the routes

Going on the orienteering route with the children creates a lot of excitement for them. With their orientation map in hand, they should first take a few moments to familiarise themselves with the symbols: embankments and ditches, low vegetation, cluttered vegetation, forbidden areas, rocks and buildings. Then come the signposts: a tree on the south side, an outside corner of a building, a cannon, a fountain. With all these elements in mind, it is now time to get started. Come on, let’s go, the 142 signpost is waiting for us with its first question about the emblem of the Dauphiné.

After 11 signposts, 2.5km and 1 hour’s walk, you will return home delighted with your experience.


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