Treetop adventure

When you decide to organise an outing with friends or children to test your adrenaline, the adventure route in the treetops is a must. Going from tree to tree, hanging from a zip line, walking on a monkey bridge, the sensations follow one another, but are not the same.


Embark on an adventure

When you set off on a treetop adventure route, there is a mixture of excitement and thrill, especially on the first pass. All of a sudden, the environment, which had not been paid attention to until now, becomes more present: the emptiness, the sound of birds, the click of spring hooks, shouting and in the distance the rubbing of the zip line on its iron line. When we look around us, it’s swarming with children who overcome obstacles with disconcerting ease where adults struggle to move forward on the route.


Routes for everyone

You have bravely chosen the discovery route and when the first monkey bridge arrives you regret not having accompanied the little one on his marmoset route. Carefully you pass from tree to tree, not without difficulty until the next vertigo wire which devilishly bears its name well. Then come the swings, the beams, the barrels, and the big zip line which announces the end of the route. Phew!

But at the end of the day, we will see you at the start of the next route. It seems that you like the treetops after all and allows you to fill up on adrenaline and have a great time with your family or friends…


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