Pêche lac de la Mirande Allevard Les Bains
©Pêche Lac de la Mirande |Mairie d'Allevard-les-Bains

Trout fishing

In the mountains, there are many rivers, lakes and torrents. It is not uncommon for them to be populated by fish. Get dressed with fishing boots or waders, take a fly rod or reel and go to the water’s edge along the Breda or to the Mirande lake to fish for trout.

Spots for everyone

Fishing enthusiasts, occasional anglers, beginners, everyone dashes up and down the river or looks for the isolated spot of the lake that will be most conducive to their miraculous catch. Here, of course, it is a matter of being patient and having the patience to fish for trout. And silence is a requisite. Even through the water, the fish are sensitive to sounds and vibrations.

Making your first cast

The excitement of the first cats is surely the greatest. Fly fishermen cast their line quickly, with a sure motion to whip the water with a lure. A fly that will hit the water and tease the fish. On the angler’s side, the technique is different, but the excitement is just as great. A powerful cast, a lure that lets itself be carried away by the current of the water and the wait. Sometimes you can hear the sound of the reel going up the line. The angler then takes a few steps to cast his line a little further. One touch, and soon the trout will be off the line. The motion to bring it back must be agile and fast. With the reel it is much easier.

A 100% natural trip

Fishing for trout is above all to enjoy a 100% natural outing with family, friends or even alone. Find the spot that will go well, the one that will bring you the most trout, but also the one that will be the quietest. On the banks of a river, a mountain torrent or on the edge of a lake such as the Mirande lake. The pleasure of fishing for trout is also closely linked to the pleasure of a 100% natural outing.

If the fishing has been good, then so much the better, tonight the trout will be in the pan with a little butter and slivered almonds. If not, we will keep the memory of a beautiful day in the middle of nature.