Going to the cinema

Today is not going to be a sunny day. Once the treatments are over at the thermal baths, it seems unlikely that you will be able to go for a walk in the mountains or even just take a stroll in the magnificent thermal park. So it seems like the perfect day to go to the cinema.


Curl up in the armchairs

Away from the big cities, the Bel’donne cinema has nothing to envy them … Its two theatres, which were completely renovated not so long ago, offer all the comfort you would expect from a cinema. The soft upholstered armchairs are a real invitation to let go. With the low rates and season tickets, it is very easy to multiply the pleasures and go to the cinema several times during a stay in Allevard-les-Bains.

See films in 3D

Go to the cinema, enjoy the air-conditioned room when it is very hot outside and discover 3D films. What could be more wonderful? The special glasses firmly on your nose, some sweets to nibble on, the film captivates from the very first images.

During a cure, going to the cinema is a privileged moment. It’s a pleasure that you don’t necessarily get at home. Here, it is one of the little sacred moments of the stay.

On the Place de Verdun, the curtain has not yet come down on the silver screen!