The Grésivaudan Valley

The Grésivaudan valley, nicknamed the “most beautiful garden in France” by Louis XII, is not only popular because of its marvellous landscapes of the Belledonne and Chartreuse Massif, but also because of its heritage and its natural corners. Stretching from Chambéry to Grenoble, the Grésivaudan valley contains many treasures that can easily be discovered from the spa resort of Allevard-les-Bains.


Gaining height

You can gain height by hiking on the balconies of Belledonne, but the easiest way to discover the Grésivaudan valley from above is to take the cable railway of Saint-Hilaire du Touvet and take advantage of the opportunity to visit the Icarus laboratory. Taking a funicular that is almost a hundred years old and climbs up to 750 metres is not to be missed. Once up there, enjoy the magnificent view and go to the laboratory. A visit that will prove to be very informative with many experiments and discoveries to be made.

Discover the historical heritage

Did you know that the Grésivaudan valley is home to several vestiges of the past? Fans of old stones, the Avalon Tower and Fort Barraux will be thrilled by their undeniable appeal and presence. For those who prefer castles to old bastions, the appeal lies in the gardens and castle of Touvet, one of the jewels of the Grésivaudan valley. The latter is even one of the must-sees when staying in Allevard-les-Bains.

Would you like to discover a quiet and natural spot?

The Grésivaudan valley has several little corners of paradise not far from Allevard-les-Bains that you can discover on your own or with others. How about sunbathing or angling for gudgeons at the Lac de la Mirande? Feel like a swim, to cool off or to play with the children on the modules of a nautical base? Take the direction of the lac de la terrasse. It is only a few kilometres away from Allevard-les-Bains.

Discover all the treasures of the Grésivaudan Valley.