Pinsot Forges and Mills

Close to Allevard-Les-Bains, the forges and mills of Pinsot are a good idea for an outing. Discover the actions of yesteryear, see the walnut oil and flour mills in operation. Discover the transformation of reddened iron under the action of the forge’s swift. So many actions which were the trades of the past in the Haut Bréda valley.

A mill for beating iron

A visit to the forge will show you how the carvers were able to produce tools from the extracted ore and the iron mill. The regular striking of the hydraulic hammer gave the reddened iron a very specific shape. Shaping the metal, hardening and sharpening the tool, the demonstration will be complete.

The walnut oil mill

The Gleyzin torrent was not just a godsend for the forge. It was also a godsend for the flour and walnut oil mill. The heavy millstone that turns gradually crushes the kernels to make a paste with a bewitching smell.

The flour mill

After the walnut mill, it is the flour mill that will reveal all its secrets. Not far from Allevard-les-Bains, it is also a good idea for an excursion. Discover the various stages of flour production, from the hopper to the stone-mill, from the hopper to the noticeboard.


Continue your discovery

Make the most of your visit to the Forges et Moulins de Pinsot during your stay or visit to Allevard-les-Bains, to explore the Iron Path. This is another way to dive into what made the local economy. From the village of Pinsot, a signposted and commented trail in 13 stages immerses you into the history of the Allevard area between the 12th and 19th centuries.

This very educational cultural excursion around Allevard-Les-Bains will suit everyone. The workshops and demonstrations of the mills and the forge will undoubtedly captivate the youngest visitors, while the older ones will be moved by the history of the miners who worked the ore to extract it from the mountain.


A seulement une petite dizaine de minute depuis Allevard-les-Bains, vous ne pouvez passer à côté de ce musée plein d’histoire qui retrace les métiers d’antan de la somptueuse et sauvage vallée du Haut-Bréda.