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Spend a evening in a refuge

Spending a night in a refuge is above all to open a great parenthesis and stop time. To take in a lot of sights, to observe sunrises on the snowy mountain tops or not depending on the period and to feel free…infinitely free. In Allevard-les-Bains, you can spend a evening in the Crêt du Poulet refuge, the Pierre du Carre refuge or the chalet du bout. But in each, the experience is memorable.


Push the door

Pushing the door of the refuge is not without a certain curiosity. What are we going to find behind it, who are we going to meet? How will the comfort be? Of course, for your first evening in a refuge, you don’t expect to have the comfort of a 4-star hotel, but that’s okay. And then there is the surprise. The reception of the caretaker is very warm. It must be said that his role is to take care of all the sheep that climbed up to him. You will quickly appreciate the heat when you have walked in the cold and the wind and the good smell of the meal awaits you.

A friendly atmosphere

Of course, spending the evening in a refuge is a great adventure when it is guarded. You can then find a friendly atmosphere, share your experience with other hikers and climbers, and talk about the routes with the refuge caretaker. Describing the route that you will take the next day, the portion of GR that you will take, is for many like sharing a treasure map. Here, people all have the same passion: the mountain.

Spend a evening in an unguarded refuge

Spending a evening in an unguarded refuge is always better than setting up a tent, especially in the cold. Unless you go to a winter refuge, an unguarded refuge requires a different kind of accommodation. It is not always possible to access the equipment, so stoves are needed to prepare meals. However, the spectacle on the mountain tops still will enthral you as much.


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