©Mairie d'Allevard-les-Bains

Summer concerts

in the thermal park

In summer, the animations in the spa resort of Allevard-les-Bains multiply to the greater delight of all. The Place de la Résistance already comes alive with evening markets, and the summer concerts in the thermal park are another highlight for Allevard. They punctuate this period with frequent events, which bring this magnificent thermal park back to life.

A pretty wooded setting

The thermal park of Allevard-les-Bains is undoubtedly one of the jewels of the spa resort. A magnificent place planted with trees in English style, the thermal park is bordered by buildings that bear witness to the evolution of thermal buildings. It is also bordered by the old casino and the old hotel le Splendid. Widely frequented by famous personalities such as Stendhal, Alphonse Daudet or the Brothers Lumiere, it remains a pleasant place for events such as summer concerts or concerts by the band.

Musical rendezvous

Do you have a musical ear and like to be lulled by harmonious melodies? If so go to the thermal park for summer concerts.

The Allevard-les-Bains Band regularly performs in summer and especially at the summer concerts in the thermal park to offer a series of performances. It is also one of the venues chosen by the organisers of the OpéraStage event to allow academics to perform there. If the event occurs again this year following its success in previous years do not miss the summer concerts in the thermal park or simply the rehearsals.

Other exciting events

Besides the summer concerts, the thermal park can be the backdrop for other events. In fact, health-related or other events can take place in the same location. A large space conducive to relaxation and exchange.

To be sure not to miss any event, you can get the programme of events or information at the Tourist Office.