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The museum "Forges and Mills" in Pinsot

Embark on a discovery trip at 7 km from Allevard-les-Bains. Follow the Iron Trail for a walk in the forest to discover the old iron mines. A former mining valley, the Haut Breda valley is also a valley where the economy was based on iron work and crafts. The museum of the Forges and mills of Pinsot immerses you this special history which was as important as the development of thermalism in Allevard-les-Bains.

A living museum

The Gleyzin torrent was a real manna for the Haut Breda valley. It enabled the operation of a swift forge, a flour mill and a walnut oil mill. A visit to the museum of the forges and mills of Pinsot is a real journey back in time to discover the daily life of the craftsmen of that time. A true reconstruction and demonstration of a precious knowledge the instruments fired up at each visit. You will also discover  the secrets of carpentry, a rich collection of tools related to the exploitation of iron, a bread oven and a wood sawmill in this museum.

Authentic objects

The museum of the forges and mills of Pinsot abounds in old tools and authentic utensils that bear witness to a mining era. Oil press, crossbow swift, grain sorter are as many treasures of the heritage visible to the public or carefully preserved witnesses of an economy based on iron and craftsmanship.

Thanks to these objects, the museum of the forges and mills of Pinsot regularly presents temporary exhibitions. An excellent idea for cultural outings and visits that can be made from Allevard-les-Bains. For example, you can attend the exhibition of unleashed tools. A fair dedicated to sculptures made with old iron tools.