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Allevard-les-Bains Museum

La Galerie

With a precious collection on thermalism, iron, agriculture, the museum of Allevard-les-bains testifies of a whole local wealth. Of course, it illustrates thermalism with exhibitions, animations or conferences.


Recognised as a museum of France in 2006, the museum built in 1975 became a municipal museum then an intermunicipal museum in 2016. Housed in the old forge, it is now located in the old casino of the thermal park of Allevard-les-Bains.

Rare items

During the visit and through the collections of the museum of Allevard-les-Bains, the public is transported into local history. You will discover a huge collection of objects, photos, engravings and paintings that retrace the history of Allevard-les-Bains. Collections that bear witness to the transformation from Allevard, an industrial town, into Allevard-les-Bains, a spa and holiday resort.

Among the most important items are a cold inhalation basin designed by Doctor Niepce, a Dauphinoise trunk from the 17th century blast furnace, the Veyton turbine (Pinsot). These pieces testify to the orientation of this museum of Allevard-les-Bains around 5 themes: agriculture, thermalism, iron and steel industry, tourism and hydroelectricity.

Visits for all

The museum of Allevard-les-Bains includes an educational component, temporary exhibitions, a tourist reception, and regular cultural programming. It is a real heritage and cultural base which covers the whole region of Allevard-les-Bains and the valley of Grésivaudan.