Marché Nocturne Fromager ©mairie D'allevard Les Bains
©Mairie d'Allevard-les-Bains

Catering / tastings

Succumb to the greediness, fall for a mountain dish, taste local specialities or products of the soil on the markets or in the restaurant. Eat out or simply treat yourself to a little tasting session.

Thousand flavours to indulge yourself

Knowing how to make the most of each flavour, going to meet new tastes to delight your taste buds. Stop at a stall at the Allevard-les-Bains night market to taste an apricot, a slice of local ham or a slice of cow or goat’s cheese. Enjoy the detours of gourmet tasting sessions.

Make the most of the entertainment to indulge in gourmet delicacies, discover unknown flavours at the stalls and be surprised. The tender and pinkish flesh of a slice of ham that you can taste with walnuts.

Stop at the bend of a walk in a farm inn and enjoy tasting the products made there. Immerse yourself in the regional flavours and discover what nature has to offer.

Treat yourself to a gourmet break

Pushing the door of a restaurant, eating out and taking a gourmet break. Taste the local cuisine, mountain dishes and take the time to savour the moment. Sit down in a large, cosy room to taste a Swiss fondue with vacherin or Breton pancakes and crêpes. Make the most of the modern decorated dining room and discover a new menu each season depending on the chef’s mood. Menus where snails tease steamed salmon or ox cheek. More than tempting flavours to indulge yourself before trying to win a few pennies. For more good-natured atmospheres, make the most of the comfort of a shaded terrace to eat traditional dishes.