The Comba Autrafé museum

Rural museums of popular arts and traditions such as the Comba Autrafé are extraordinary because they retrace the life of people in a region. Here, the museum La Comba Autrafé is a true homage to the inhabitants of the Grésivaudan valley and more particularly of the Combe de Lancey. At only some thirty kilometres from Allevard-les-Bains, it is an excellent idea for an excursion for everyone.

Meeting the inhabitants

With its 1300 objects relating to very distinct worlds, the Comba Autrafé museum transports us to 5 different domains. First of all, the activities of the past which have now disappeared, such as hemp work, the trade of blacksmith, the trade of clog maker or glove-making. Then, daily life and housing, mountain agriculture and more particularly in the Belledonne massif, nature and more precisely geology and flora and finally the history of the village from the 14/18 period to Monseigneur Dupanloup, who regularly visited the château de la Combe de Lancey in the late 19th century.


An educational visit

A visit to the Comba Autrafé museum will be very educational for all those staying in Allevard-les-Bains. With this rich collection of objects, everyone will be able to learn how to weave a hemp rope, how to card and spin sheep’s wool. This little trip back in time, will be the best way to get to know the history of a valley and the village of the Combe de Lancey.

Thanks to this museum installed in the annex of the castle of the Combe de Lancey, the objects once used by the peasants, the domestic objects and the old trades come back to life the time of a visit, which can be guided for groups.


A une trentaine de minute d’Allevard-les-Bains, découvre la Comba Autrafé à Lancey, dans la vallée du Grésivaudan et partez à la rencontre des habitants de cette vallée pleine d’histoire.