The Haut Breda Valley

The Haut Breda Valley is well known to hikers, who enjoy the landscape as much as the hiking trails. It is an old glacier valley about 20 kilometres long. It stretches from the village of Fond de France to Allevard-les-Bains.

A valley with a strong heritage

If the Haut Breda valley is very well known to hikers who use the various hiking trails from Fond de France or La Ferrière, it is also marked by a strong heritage.

You can discover the forges and mills of Pinsot, witnesses of an economy based on the exploitation of iron and crafts. Not far from Allevard-les-Bains, Pinsot, where the museum of the forges and mills is also located, is the start of the iron path. A pleasant and instructive circuit, this audio trail in 13 stages, tells the story of the economy of the Haut Breda valley. A very pleasant excursion that can be done with the whole family, as the children will be very happy to use the flash-codes that trigger the fun and sound activities.


Hiking itineraries

Hiking enthusiasts will find lots to enjoy in the Haut Breda Valley. From La Ferrière, for example, several walks are possible. From very difficult hikes like laselle du puy gris to easier hikes like the crêt du Poulet at the chalet Pierre Roubet.

In all, there are 100 km of walks which will take you, depending on the difficulty, from hamlet to hamlet, to the foot of a waterfall (the cascade du pissou), to refuges and even crests. If all the walks in the Haut Breda valley, not far from Allevard-les-Bains, are all of different difficulty levels, they all have one thing in common: a grandiose and panoramic view of some of the most spectacular landscapes. In summer, you can regain a little freshness and serenity here.


Depuis Allevard-les-Bains, La Ferrière se trouve à seulement 12km de la station thermale. La route d’accès au village est agréable et bien entretenue. Elle permet d’accéder rapidement au site du Pleynet, partie intégrante de la station 4 saisons des 7 Laux.